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Entering a new market begins with knowledge about this market and preference of local consumers to determine how you can start your business there. 

When your platform or social media is limited in China, once you've selected Gotrack, you can publish your events, products, promotions there and display these information in China. Gotrack platform will automatic accurate drainage customer to your own brand, provide the products traceability and anti-counterfeiting based on blockchain technology to reassure consumers. It offers you a direct communication bridge with Chinese consumers.

Why Gotrack ?

Gotrack is a Chinese digital display platform, all these display information will be presented in China. And Gotrack has a large number of Chinese active users, the platform will drainage Chinese consumers to your own website and online&offline sales channel.  

Including Services: 

  • Company Introduction/Image/Video display

  • Events/Activity/Promotion publish

  • Products with Online&Offline sales channel Display

  • Products Traceability​ Technology

  • Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

  • Avoid Cross Region Sale Technology

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