Blockchain Traceability


Gotrack use the IBM Hyperledger Blockchain Technology based on the Amazon Cloud to realize the products traceability. The blockchain technology make the data safe and not be tampered with. You can record the production/inspection/logistic process on it and present them to the consumers selectively, Gotrack Platform support RFID/NFC/QR Code

Why Gotrack ?

IBM Hyperledger Blockchain technology offer Gotrack the security assurance. Gotrack have two strong IT teams, one is in China, another in Belgium, they combine the latest technology with Chinese market to offer the best IT solution for China. 

Including Services: 

  • Traceability Blockchain Smart Code

  • Non-limited nodes record

  • Customize the traceability information and user​​

  • Traceability information extended.

  • RFID Label/ NFC Lable

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